With Science progress, it has been possible to understand the mechanisms by which the restoration of function leads to the correct development of the stomatognathic system.

• Growth and development always respects the binomial form and function, ie, if the function is not being held properly, there will be prejudice to the Constitution of the shape. The modern techniques of scientific research fills the gap that existed between the clinical observation of the effect of a functional orthopedic intervention and the biological explanation for this. This understanding makes this pracctice absolutely fascinating.
• Early intervention in malocclusions not only allows a greater enhance of the number of patients benefited , but also increase the stability in development.
• Therefore, the interventions in the primary dentition are shown as a great tool for application, also in public health, where dentists and clinicians may be able to attend, intervene, prevent and treat malocclusions that, if not treated in the future would require more complex and expensive tratments.

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