The Institute idea and further creation came with the solidification of the hard and marvelous work done by Patricia Valério, phd, along her career.


The Institute itself has two goals:

1- The odontology practice, based on evidences.
2- The capacitation of professionals that are looking for a scientific  foundation to enhance their work.

The Institute has two different approaches for capacitation:

-Long term courses, with small classes, that are individualized and personalized to each student and their following concerns and doubts  of their day by day practice.
-Individual capacitation, that are going to follow the student through  each process of the client treatment, from Day 1 to the post-treatment.

With that being said, the Institute feels that it’s mean vocation is to seek for a new vision that mate ODONTOLOGY and SCIENCE, and that bonds the technique and bio-psych-social foundation and settles the  professional in a different and better position inside science and health fields.